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An icon of Detroit's ruin is now a symbol of Motor City's economic resurgence

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For over 35 years, Michigan Central Station has stood abandoned in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, serving as a reminder of the city’s economic struggles. The 18-story building, once the tallest railway station in the world, had deteriorated over the years, with graffiti covering its walls and parts stripped away. However, a recent revival is bringing hope to the city. Last year, the neighboring Book Depository was repurposed as a space for mobility and energy startups. Now, after extensive renovations and a significant investment from Ford Motor Company and its founding family, Michigan Central Station will reopen as a mixed-use building. This redevelopment is seen as a crucial milestone in Detroit’s ongoing economic recovery, marked by job creation, revenue generation, and an increase in population. The resurgence of Detroit’s downtown area and the automotive industry has played a significant role in this progress. The reopening of Michigan Central Station symbolizes a new era and future opportunities for the city.