Shares of Roblox fall 12% after company releases March update

Roblox's shares tumble 12% after releasing March 2023 metrics report.

Shares of Roblox fall 12% after company releases March update

A child stares back at a Roblox banner, displayed on the New York Stock Exchange's (NYSE) front facade to celebrate the company IPO. This was taken in New York City, 10 March 2021.


The shares of Roblox fell 12% Monday, after the gaming company published its March 2023 metrics. It stated that it expected average bookings per user per day to decline year-over-year.

Roblox's estimated daily average bookings were between $3.73 to $3.85 per user in March. This represents a -2.5% to +1% change from the same time period last year.

The estimated bookings for the month were between $247 and $255 millions, an increase of 23% to 27% over last year.

Roblox refers to its revenue figures as bookings. Roblox generates revenue by selling its virtual currency, Robux. Players use Robux to customize their avatars and purchase premium features within the games. The number of daily active users increased by 26% between March 2022 and 66.2 million.

Roblox has also announced that it will no longer release monthly reports on key metrics. Roblox also said it will stop releasing monthly key metrics reports.

Shares of Roblox have increased by more than 60% in the last year.