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Your work schedule as a young adult may harm your health decades later, study finds

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Erratic Work Schedules Linked to Poor Health Outcomes #

An irregular work schedule can have negative impacts on both short-term and long-term health, according to a recent study. Research has shown that irregular work hours can lead to fatigue, a lack of quality sleep, and lower physical and mental functions. The study, which examined the relationship between work patterns and health throughout adulthood, found that individuals with variable work schedules experienced poorer health outcomes, including higher reports of poor health and depressive symptoms at age 50. The study also identified disparities based on social position, with women and Black Americans being more vulnerable to the negative effects of volatile work schedules. Experts advise implementing strategies to mitigate the impacts of nonstandard work hours, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine, optimizing sleep conditions, and seeking professional guidance when necessary.