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Supreme Court hears landmark cases that could upend what we see on social media

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The US Supreme Court is currently hearing oral arguments in two cases that could have significant implications for social media platforms. The cases revolve around whether states, like Texas and Florida, should have the authority to regulate the removal of posts on these platforms. The outcome could impact how Americans access news and information, as well as the ability of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to moderate content related to spam, hate speech, and election misinformation. The focus is on laws passed by the aforementioned states that prohibit online platforms from removing or demoting user content expressing certain viewpoints. Republican attorneys general argue that social media should be treated as traditional utilities, while the tech industry contends that platforms have First Amendment rights to make editorial decisions. Legal experts suggest that the case could lead to a reevaluation of First Amendment principles, potentially impacting private individuals’ protection against government speech mandates. Although it seems unlikely that social media companies would face defeat in this case, a ruling against them could significantly alter their business models and disrupt their ability to moderate content and attract advertisers. This is an ongoing story that will be updated.