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Siemens CEO: Multiple reasons for weakness in China business

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Siemens CEO Discusses Challenges in China and Potential Improvements #

The CEO of Siemens, Roland Busch, recently addressed the challenges the German conglomerate is facing in China and discussed potential improvements that could be made by 2024.

According to Busch, Siemens is encountering difficulties due to changes in the Chinese market, particularly in the energy sector. He mentioned that the company needs to adapt to the new dynamics and ensure a successful transition.

Busch expressed optimism about the future, highlighting opportunities in renewable energy and digitalization in China. He emphasized the importance of establishing local partnerships and enhancing innovation capabilities to thrive in the market.

Siemens aims to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market by focusing on sustainable solutions and leveraging its expertise in areas such as energy and transportation.

In conclusion, Siemens is acknowledging the challenges in China and planning to overcome them by improving adaptability, fostering innovation, and establishing strategic partnerships.