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British surgeon says Gaza ‘beyond worst thing' he's seen, as Jordan's king warns Israel creating a ‘generation of orphans'

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A surgeon who led a medical team in Gaza described the situation at Al-Aqsa Hospital as the worst he has ever seen. He witnessed traumatic amputations, severe burns, and a lack of pain relief for patients. The surgeon also mentioned that hospitals in Gaza have been under attack, leaving them unable to provide basic services. The Israeli military has stated that it is not targeting civilians but claims that Hamas uses hospitals as shields for its attacks. Medical organizations have withdrawn from Al-Aqsa Hospital due to increased Israeli military activity. The head of the World Health Organization has called for the protection of medical staff and their families. The ongoing conflict in Gaza has led to a high number of civilian casualties and has been criticized internationally. King Abdullah II of Jordan has warned that the conflict has created an entire generation of orphans. He urged for a just peace based on a two-state solution to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. The United States has urged Israel to protect civilians but has not called for a ceasefire.