NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell Resigns Due to 'Inappropriate Relationship' With Coworker

The former CEO of a company apologized to staff in a memo, saying he was "truly sorry."

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell Resigns Due to 'Inappropriate Relationship' With Coworker

Jeff Shell has resigned as CEO of NBCUniversal after an investigation was conducted into an "inappropriate" relationship he had "with a woman at the company."

Shell's "regret" was expressed in a Sunday memo he shared with NBCUniversal parent company Comcast and its staff.

Shell wrote, "Today marks my last day at NBCUniversal as CEO." Shell wrote: "I deeply regret having an inappropriate relationship with one of the women in my company."

CNN reported that the investigation into Shell's alleged misbehavior was initiated by a complaint from the employee involved in the relationship. Shell carried on with his regular duties at the company during the three-week long investigation.

Shell wrote in her memo: "I am truly sorry that I let down my Comcast and NBCUniversal co-workers. They are the most talented individuals in the industry and having the chance to work with them for the past 19 years has been a great privilege."

No further information has been released about the extent of this relationship or the identity woman involved.

CNN reported that Comcast had not yet announced a replacement. However, since Shell's resignation takes effect immediately, Comcast President Mike Cavanagh is expected to take over during the interim.

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We are sorry to have to tell you this. This company was built on the foundation of integrity. In a separate memo, Cavanagh and Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts wrote that nothing is more important than the way we treat one another.

Shell is the third executive to leave the company in the last three years due to inappropriate behavior. Ron Meyer resigned as vice-chairman of NBCUniversal in 2020 (the year Shell was appointed CEO) after an extramarital affair.

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