Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (OTCMKTS:IDCBY) Sees Large Decline in Short Interest

( ) saw a notable decrease in short interest throughout the month of July. On June 30, there were 10,200 short shares, which is 86.4% less than the 75,200 total shares on June 15. The days-to-cover is 0.1 days based on a daily average volume of 117.200 shares.

Analyst Upgrades and downgrades

IDCBY has been the subject of recent comments from several research firms. JPMorgan Chase & Co. upgraded the shares of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in a research note on Wednesday, 14th June from a neutral' to an overweight'. During Friday's trading hours, the company traded at $9.28. The company's average volume is 93,417 shares. The company's quick ratio is 0.91, its current ratio is 0.91, and it has a debt to equity ratio of 1.23. The market cap of the stock is $165.37 Billion, with a PE of 3.28. It has a beta value of 0.25. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's 52-week low is $8.48 and 52-week high is $11.90. The stock's fifty-day simple moving is $10.62, and its 200-day simple moving is $10.57.

The company last released its results on Friday 28th April. The company reported $0.73 in earnings per share for the first quarter. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China reported a net profit margin of 24.83 % and a return of equity of 10.23%. The company had revenues of $30.53billion for the quarter.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Reduces Dividend

A dividend was also declared by the firm and will be paid out on Friday, 1st September. Dividends of $0.7104 will be paid to shareholders who were in the books on Friday, 7th July. This dividend will be paid on Friday, July 7th. Dividend payout ratio (DPR), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, is 25.09 %.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

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Together with its subsidiaries it provides banking services and products in the People's Republic of China and abroad. The bank operates in three segments: Corporate Banking, Personal Banking and Treasury Operations. The Corporate Banking segment provides financial products and services for corporations, government agencies and financial institutions. offers a FREE daily email newsletter