April 10, 2023 At least 5 killed in bank shooting in Louisville, Kentucky

The death toll in the Louisville bank shooting has risen to five, the Louisville Metro Police Department said late Monday. This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

April 10, 2023 At least 5 killed in bank shooting in Louisville, Kentucky

Connor Sturgeon (25-year-old gunman in Monday's shooting spree in Louisville) had been working for the bank where he allegedly killed 13 people and wounded at least four others.

Police had earlier Monday described the shooter at a news conference as a 23 year-old male. Later in the day, they changed his age to 25.

Sturgeon stated on his LinkedIn profile, that he interned for Old National Bank in Louisville three times consecutively between 2018 and 2020. He then joined as a Commercial Development Professional (June 2021). According to his profile, he was made a Portfolio Banker and a Syndications Associate at the bank in April 2022.

According to a spokesperson for University of Alabama, Sturgeon graduated in December 2020 from the University of Alabama. Shane Dorrill, spokesperson for the university, stated that Sturgeon completed an accelerated master’s program and received both his bachelor's and master's degrees in finance simultaneously.

According to local news reports, Sturgeon was a basketball and track player for his high school, located in a suburb of Louisville. He was also a semifinalist for the 2015 National Merit Scholarship.

An ex-classmate from Sturgeon's high school who was close to his family and knew him well, said that he had never seen any "sort of red flag" or signal that such a thing could happen.

"This is a complete shock. The classmate said that he was a good kid, and that he came from a good family. "I cannot even explain how this makes no sense. It's unbelievable.

A CourseHero user named Connor Sturgeon posted a 2018 college essay in which he said that he struggled to fit in at school.

The essay stated that "My self-esteem was a problem for me for a long time." "As a late bloomer in high school and middle school, I struggled to fit in. This has led to a negative self-image that continues to this day. It has not been easy to make friends, so I am more experienced than others in working alone.

The author stated that he was beginning to mature socially in college and had begun to see improvements in this area. He also said that he wanted to be more self-aware and become a better person.

According to news reports and his LinkedIn profile, Todd Sturgeon was the father of Sturgeon. He was the head coach of the University of Indianapolis men's basketball team for 10 years. He later taught US history at his son’s high school and basketball. Todd Sturgeon's university, DePauw University published a 2007 article in which he stated that Connor, his son, inspired him to retire from the University of Indianapolis.

According to the article, Todd Sturgeon stated that he was at a basketball camp watching his son Connor and had a realization.